JaX Vanilla Custard Vapes Custard E-Liquid Remastered ...

JaX Blueberry Vanilla Custard ! REDUCED PRICE !

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 JaX Blueberry Vanilla Custard

25/75 PG/VG - Original

Yes! Bonkers Blueberry JaX Vanilla Custard!

A juice to remind you of those long summer days, sneaking into the pantry to get your handful of freshly picked, crisp and cool blueberries.

Here we go: as the vapour hits your throat, your taste buds will be set buzzing with a delectably sweet explosion of blueberry goodness. After a dedicated tweaking process, this is a recipe designed to reflect a taste that's fresh from the field, with berries that have been put on ice, to retain the signature 'berry-bursting' pop sensation you expect!

On the exhale your met with the comforting aroma and feel of JaX signature creamy custard, carrying you over to your next spoonful of blueberry custard heaven.

The blueberry is mixed so that the overall flavour is clean and distinctive, not tainted by an artificially sweet and candied fruit taste you may see in other products. 

This is a must for all you blueberry cloud chasers, and will be sure to leave you anything but blue!

Enjoy , and Vape On!