JaX Vanilla Custard Vapes Custard E-Liquid Remastered ...

JaX Strawberry Vanilla Custard ! REDUCED PRICE !

£5.00 £4.00

JaX Strawberry Custard

 25/75 PG/VG

Chocolate and nuts, cake and ice cream, strawberry and custard. Some things are just meant to be experienced together. That's why I've brought the bestselling JaX Strawberry Custard vape to the masses!

After trialling over 15 different types of berry concentrate, let rip on the chosen strawberry sensation that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and sensibility.

On your first inhale, enjoy a natural taste reminiscent of handpicked strawberries from the English countryside that fills the senses like a summer day. And then let the magic happen with the smooth exhale of the signature JaX Vanilla-Custard, blending together to create another classic combination of strawberries cream for an aftertaste worthy of Wimbledon!

Enjoy, and Vape On!