JaX Vanilla Custard Vapes Custard E-Liquid Remastered ...

JaX Waffle Vanilla Custard ! REDUCED PRICE !

£5.00 £4.00

JaX Waffle Vanilla Custard

20/80 PG/VG

What could be better than a hot, crispy on the outside, soft in the inside just cooked American waffle, smothered in Jax Vanilla Custard? 

I wanted to created a flavour that allowed you to taste the custard on the inhale and waffle of the exhale , without it becoming one flavour. After lots of mixing and lots of vape testing ,I have created this. Possibly the best marriage of desert flavours the hit the vape market , it is a true pleasure to vape.

Go on have some waffle and custard in your mouth !

Vape On! Enjoy!