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Welcome to JaX Vanilla Custard Vapes 

“Your one-stop-shop for all things custard!”


Welcome to the page!      JaX here, at your service.

I am a Vanilla Custard fanatic that has one goal in mind: to create the creamiest, dreamiest, cloud chasing e-liquids for you and your vaping pleasure!

I currently have 9 truly stunning vanilla custard e-liquid flavours for you to enjoy, crafted with care and passion, with even more surprises in development and on the way.

It’s my belief that there is a custard for everyone; whether it’s to remind you of the taste of home, childhood memories or just for your daily fix of the good stuff, my custard’s remastered will be sure to find your sweet spot!

The products you see here are the result of a painstaking process of trial and discovery, all brought to vaping perfection;
My juices have spent hours in development to ensure a devilishly clever combination of complementary flavors that we all knew were destined to be together!

Vanilla custard e-liquid has a cult following and many vaper’s have a custard in their pantry, as a part of their ALL DAY VAPE arsenal!

This juice started as keen hobby and quickly became a passion, and I think a serious custard needs to be treated with some serious respect.

That’s why I never let any of your juices leave my grasp without at least 4 weeks steeping so that your custard aroma and colour is at its biggest and boldest when it arrives at your door!

This is NOT just another bloody custard, this is an unique experience that every custard lover has to try. Following my closely guarded recipe to create the JaX Vanilla-Custard base that many know and love. I then add your chosen flavour by hand, all done to order, to add that personal touch that will sure to live up to any cloud makers high expectations!

And one last thing, vaper’s… I guarantee NO ridiculous price tag, weekly HOT DEALS and all round customer satisfaction.

With my juices being the talk of the custardy town, this supreme vape is simply an affordable ALL DAY VAPE for everyone!

The 17 Custard Vapes:

JaX Vanilla Custard
Waffle JaX Custard
Strawberry JaX Custard
Banana ‘Bananarama’ JaX Custard
Blueberry and Waffle JaX Custard
Raspberry Doughnut Custard
Chocolate JaX Custard
                                                                           Rubard n’ JaX Custard                                                                          
PeanutButter & Custard

Fudge & Custard

Fruit Salad & Custard

Coffee & Custard

Tobaco & Custard

Apple Pie & Custard

Marshmallow & Custard 

Cereal & Custard

Sample Selection Pack :
A variety pack of all 10 most popular flavours to help find your favorite!

All flavours are available in both 25/75 PG/VG & 50/50 PG/VG ratios to work with any setup!

All Nicotine strengths are available on order.

3MG , 6MG , 12MG , 24MG , 36MG

 A final thought:

I hope you enjoy these flavours as much as I do, and hope you share the same obsession I do when it comes to discovering the magical world of Custard Vapes!


JaX Vanilla-Custard Vapes